Project Description

Total Gelateria System

Brunchy Cream has developed a Gelateria system, where soft Italian Gelato is extremely easy to produce.

Fresh real ingredients such as fresh milk and cream (not powders), sugar, 100% real fruit and nuts pastes are mixed together in to 32 different flavors in our production facilities in Italy. At our shops, this ready Gelato liquid mix is placed in our Mantecatore ice cream maker machines.

A few minutes later, the ice cream is ready to serve.! The procedure takes place in front of the customer and our real Italian Gelato keeps it’s soft and creamy texture for a long period of time. To create a full scale Gelateria, all you need is our Brunchy Cream products and the Mantecatore ice cream making machine.

No other equipment is necessary. Try it!!


Step By Step: How it’s prepared

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